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    Nasal Irrigation & Cholesterol

    Pain Care Labs’ Advisory Board Member Tiffany Wilson Receives Top Appointment

    Former GCMI CEO Named President & CEO of University City Science Center

    Power Over Pain: The smallest things can make the biggest difference for pediatric patients.

    Brenda Sturgeleski and her team at Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation (CFHF) are on a mission to...

    Don’t Like Needles? Here Are Facts & Solutions

    Go Faster & Help More Patients with Buzzy

    As emergency departments become crowded with COVID-19 patients, and staff shortages continue to be...

    Podcast: Why Your Fear of Needles Could Kill You

    COVID Mutations, Slow Vaccine Rollout & “Jumping the Line”

    Dr. Baxter Elite HRV

    Listen “Heal Injuries, Reduce Pain, and Recover Faster with...

    Who Will and Won’t take the COVID Vaccine and Why?

    Filmed live at the Hive, Atlanta, Georgia, on December 30, 2020.    New...

    Herd Immunity in Graphs & Charts. Not a Rosy Picture. Time to Change a Variable

    Reaching herd immunity in this “currently vaccinating era” – Math Class In Session!

    You’ve been EXPOSED to COVID, what now? Your quarantine questions answered

    You tested positive for COVID, now what? Dr. Baxter covers science-based recs

    Why Dr. Baxter is ALL-IN for the COVID vaccine!

    Good News/Bad News edition – Vaccine = Good; 10M Total Cases = Bad