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    Don’t Like Needles? Here Are Facts & Solutions


    Dr. Baxter is wearing her lab coat, so you know this video is another evidence-based, science backed conversation. In this episode, the topic is needle fear.

    Addressing needle fear is critical to the public health plan for the rollout of the COVID vaccine. Dr. Baxter has researched vaccine refusal for 15 years. Her recent data indicates that identifying anxiety and reducing pain with the first injection could dramatically improve the second #COVID19 vaccine uptake by as much as 35% and help save lives. Buzzy is the only pharmaceutical or medical device proven effective for adolescent or adult intramuscular (IM) injections, the only intervention proven effective for fear reduction, and the overwhelmingly most studied and effective intervention for pediatric injections.

    Dr. Baxter has a bone to pick with how needle fear is being covered in the news. She breaks down myths and misconceptions about needle fear. She examines adolescent behavior around the HPV vaccine – including why many adolescents do not return for the subsequent shots. Science is the way forward – not myths or preconceived notions about people who are afraid of needles.

    We need everyone to return for the second dose of the COVID vaccine. We have the tools to address pain, fear, anxiety, nausea, fainting – this will promote trust in the system and return visits.

    Here are a few facts about needle fear that Dr. Baxter covers in today’s video:

    • The number of injections on the same day when a child is old enough to remember influences the likelihood of needle fear later on. Vaccines given between ages 4-6 are that critical time where we can easily effect positive change.
    • Stigma against being afraid of needles makes it difficult to measure needle fear.
    • Needle fear affects adults too, not just children.
    • Anxiety, needle fear, and a fainting response influenced whether blood donors would come back to donate a second time.
    • Since 1983, we’ve started to give more injections between ages 4-6.
    • Here’s how to use Buzzy to reduce vaccination pain and needle fear:
    • Place buzzy on the injection site before the jab, move up between the brain and the pain during the shot, and then back down after to reduce pain. (“Between the brain and the pain.”)
    • The spine filters out pain signals when using Buzzy, so that only vibration and cold signals make it to the brain.
    • Buzzy’s vibration separates muscle fibers to relieve pain and soreness after the injection.

    Let’s get ahead of this virus with an EASY, proven solution for needle pain AND fear. Use it to decrease next-day soreness. #BuzzyHelps

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