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    Who Will and Won’t take the COVID Vaccine and Why?

    • Filmed live at the Hive, Atlanta, Georgia, on December 30, 2020. 


    New research from The Journal of the American Medical Association (“JAMA”) covers concerns people have about taking the recently approved COVID vaccines. Dr. Baxter covers these concerns: 


    • hesitancy based on past failures of the healthcare system, including systemic racism, illustrated by the Tuskegee experiments.


    • is the vaccine effective? Yes! Solid efficacy (95%). 


    • is the vaccine safe? Yes! A few episodes of Bell’s palsy (a condition that causes a temporary weakness or paralysis of the muscles in the face). Note: temporary.


    • does the EUA/emergency use authorization mean these vaccines are less safe than a vaccine that goes through full FDA review?


    • Possibility of Guillain-Barre syndrome? To date, no cases of GBS have been reported following vaccination among participants in the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials.


    • What about infertility risk? There are concerns (like infertility, e.g.) that did not have the time to be answered. 


    • For all the other vaccine data submitted, the EUA is the real deal/above reproach. What if you are immunocompromised? Can you still get the vaccine? Yes! There’s no “live” virus in the vaccines. Your immune system’s appropriate reaction to the vaccine is normal. What should I keep doing before I have the chance to get vaccinated? Wear a mask & practice regular nasal irrigation. Take these OTC items: Vitamin D, zinc, Quercetin. 


    • Is there historical support for quarantining? Yes! Public health concerns mean your constitutional freedoms may be limited. History includes quarantining to reduce the spread of small pox and yellow fever. 


    Vaccine hesitancy may be related to needle fear. Dr. Baxter illustrates this with the Polio vaccine, an oral vaccine. Adult needle fear and fainting are public health threats that could defeat herd immunity. People are dying from COVID-19. Dr. Baxter explains how we must change a variable immediately if we expect to succeed against the disease and achieve herd immunity. If we do something NOW to address needle fear, we could reach 38M more people.


    How do we address pain, fear, and fainting? Dr. Baxter is a leader in this field and explains. We must address fear, fainting, and pain in the immediate near term to get close to herd immunity. Let’s get ahead of this virus with an EASY, proven solution for needle pain AND fear. #BuzzyHelps


    Dedicated COVID-19 webpage here: Covid-19 Vaccination Resources


    Buzzy and VibraCool are FDA registered 510(k) cleared to Control pain associated with injections, venipuncture, IV starts, cosmetic injections and the temporary relief of minor injuries (muscle or tendon aches, splinters and bee stings). Also intended to treat myofascial pain caused by trigger points, restricted motion and muscle tension.


    Dr. Amy Baxter directs innovation, invention, and strategy for Pain Care Labs. Accomplishments include international thought leadership on pain management and acute opioid reduction, multiple NIH SBIR Fast-Tracks, eight issued patents, multiple first author textbook chapters and journal publications, and successful 510K FDA clearances. After graduating from Yale University and Emory Medical School, as a double-boarded pediatric emergency physician, Dr. Baxter founded PEMA Emergency Research, created and validated the BARF pediatric nausea scale cited in fifty studies, and founded Pain Care Labs. Recognition includes Forbes Ten Healthcare Disruptors, Inc. Top Women in Tech to Watch, Top 10 Innovative and Disruptive Women in Healthcare, a Wall Street Journal “Idea Person”, and the Most Innovative CEO of 2014 from Georgia Bio. National and international lecturing highlights include MakerFaire, AARP, and TEDMED. On Homeolux Board of Directors. Also known for turning down Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank.

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