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    Article: This One Habit is Why Thailand Has So Few COVID Cases, Doctor Says

    In this MSN news article, Colby Hall writes about Dr. Baxter’s recent interview with Best Life.  The coronavirus pandemic has had global reach, affecting most developed nations within weeks of it leaving the Wuhan province of China from which it emanated. But curiously, nearby Thailand has enjoyed an incredibly low number of cases, which has led Dr. Amy Baxter to believe that this one personal hygiene habit is the reason: nasal irrigation.

    COVID deaths in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam are particularly low. The largest difference here is that nasal irrigation is practiced by 80 percent of people.

    Baxter believes that “nasal irrigation is the key to reducing COVID-19 progression of symptoms and infectivity.” Recent clinical trials show that nasal irrigation reduces the duration of symptoms for other viral illnesses like flue and the common cold, though it hasn’t yet been studied for COVID-19.

    Click here to learn more about nasal irrigation – you can even watch Dr. Baxter irrigate her nose on video!


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