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    Dr. Amy Baxter

    My step by step approach to overcoming acute and chronic pain

    The more I know about pain, the less afraid I am of it, so the less I notice it. This is just one...

    Do Glasses Protect Against COVID?

    News Updates from Dr. Baxter Feb. 17, 2021

    As I like to say on our FaceBook Live and YouTube channel, GOOD Day, Friends of Buzzy!

    Herd Immunity by March?

    Podcast: Opioid-Free Pain Reduction

    In this podcast, Dr. Baxter speaks with Zach of Landmark Recovery Radio. Dr. Baxter explains how...

    Why Inventors Are Rarely Innovators

    Ah, the quest for innovation! Healthcare technology conferences, director level positions and...

    Last Call – Why I Quit Practicing Medicine Today

    Yesterday I had my last night on call, working in a busy ED until 2am. Today is my...

    Dr. Amy Baxter and Buzzy featured in mEDGadget

    MedGadget did an exclusive interview with Dr. Amy Baxter about pain management and how...