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    Do Glasses Protect Against COVID?


    Filmed live at the Hive, Atlanta, Georgia, on February 24, 2021.


    We are seeing a 71% decrease in recent Covid-19 cases, could this mean we are hitting a degree of herd immunity now? Herd immunity numbers are based on the r-naught of the virus, so we may be hitting herd immunity for a lower r-naught but not for a higher r-naught associated with some of the newer strains of the virus. Dr. Baxter estimates that we will be hitting enough herd immunity by fall that indoor dining will safely resume.


    There’s also some bad news that has come out this week, published in a new study on autopsies of those who died due to covid.


    Another study published pulls a link between wearing glasses and a protection against the coronavirus, but Dr. Baxter is skeptical, saying they did not account for the confounding factor of socioeconomic status.


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