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    Update On All Things Covid

    Dr. Baxter talks about Delta, Nasal Irrigation, & symptoms in the vaccinated.


    Nasal Irrigation Updates & Delta

    The countries where they do the most nasal irrigation have really low covid infection rates.

    Follow-up research on nasal irrigation shows that betadine is important as an ingredient in the solution used to rinse. Betadine is doing the virus killing while the other ingredients are doing the dilution and cleaning.

    New studies show a loss of grey matter in the brain. This could be what contributes to loss of smell, PTSD, and other long covid effects. The delta variant starts replicating quickly before hitting the bloodstream. It hits the brain, replicating, and erroding. This mechanism of replication takes a long time. It gives healthcare providers a window of opportunity to abate the virus.

    The accelerated time frame with the Delta variant is in part because it’s breathed in from the nose to the lungs. Decreased viral load with gargling is also an option that is beginning to get some support in studies.

    Treaments if you have COVID as updated in July 2021.

    Quercetin is an antioxidant found in natural food places. Zinc, which can be hard on the stomach so probably take it with food. Melatonin is an antiviral and sleep aid. Vitamins C can help the immune system after infection.

    Vaccines on Kids And Teens

    For kids under 10, definitely vaccinate if you or your child are immunocompromised. Vaccination is likely worth it for kids who want to travel.

    For teens and those over 12 vaccination is important and necessary. We still don’t know a lot about the aftereffects of COVID especially long COVID, so vaccinating to avoid infection and decrease symptom intensity is very important. At some point, kids are going to need to get vaccinated, so you might as well do it now rather than later, risking severe infection.

    Testing Positive with the Delta Variant

    Other colds and diseases are going around, so how do you tell whether those viruses need to get tested for COVID or not?


    If you’re fully vaccinated, then the #1 Delta variant symptom is a headache. Then runny nose, then sneezing, sore throat, and loss of smell. Fever and shortness of breath which were early COVID hallmark symptoms are much further down on the list after vaccinations.

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