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    You tested positive for COVID, now what? Dr. Baxter covers science-based recs


    Filmed live at the Hive, Atlanta, Georgia, on December 1, 2020.


    These topics are covered:


    What should I definitely do based on strong scientific support? Isolate yourself from others; open windows if possible. Buy a pulse oximeter to establish your baseline oxygen and keep a diary of your oxygen levels. Boost your immune system with these OTC meds: Zinc 75mg/day (take with food) & Vitamin D (dose varies).


    What is a good idea with some scientific support? No surprise here: Dr. Baxter is a huge advocate of nasal irrigation to reduce viral load! Begin taking these OTC meds: melatonin 10mg at bedtime (anti-viral); baby aspirin one a day; Magnesium 200mg/day (reduces cytokine storm); Vitamin C; Quercetin 1000mg a day.


    When should you seek medical attention? Go to the hospital if: oxygen drops below 90 with or without exertion, if it drops by 3 with exertion, or you don’t urinate 3+x day. If you’re in a high-risk population, seek medical help sooner.


    What does “high-risk” mean? Blood glucose level over 140; over age 65; kidney failure; diabetes; obesity/BMI over 30.


    This pandemic has been an education! Here are a few words and phrases our Pain Care Labs team has learned along the way in these live updates: chilblains; exertional dyspnea; surfactant; fomite; cytokine storm; variolation; immune cascade; Pacinian corpuscles; and mechanoreceptors, to name just a few!


    Buzzy and VibraCool are FDA registered 510(k) cleared to Control pain associated with injections, venipuncture, IV starts, cosmetic injections and the temporary relief of minor injuries (muscle or tendon aches, splinters and bee stings). Also intended to treat myofascial pain caused by trigger points, restricted motion and muscle tension.


    Dr. Amy Baxter, MD, bio & more pain relief options here:


    Dr. Amy Baxter directs innovation, invention, and strategy for Pain Care Labs. Accomplishments include international thought leadership on pain management and acute opioid reduction, multiple NIH SBIR Fast-Tracks, eight issued patents, multiple first author textbook chapters and journal publications, and successful 510K FDA clearances. After graduating from Yale University and Emory Medical School, as a double-boarded pediatric emergency physician, Dr. Baxter founded PEMA Emergency Research, created and validated the BARF pediatric nausea scale cited in fifty studies, and founded Pain Care Labs. Recognition includes Forbes Ten Healthcare Disruptors, Inc. Top Women in Tech to Watch, Top 10 Innovative and Disruptive Women in Healthcare, a Wall Street Journal “Idea Person”, and the Most Innovative CEO of 2014 from Georgia Bio. National and international lecturing highlights include MakerFaire, AARP, and TEDMED. On Homeolux Board of Directors. Also known for turning down Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank.


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