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    Shark Tank and NEW! Aches and Injuries Buzzy

    We’re In The Tank… Again… Just a quick note that Buzzy will be on Shark Tank again this Friday June 13. While the outcome is the same, they have indicated that they may change the episode around. They could include more of Dr. Amy’s initial 1 1/2 hour pitch (where she rejected the Shark’s idea of a disposable, higher priced Buzzy), or even show where she told Barbara Cochran to “Hush up! I’m saying something nice!” before she thanked the Sharks for what they’ve done to promote American business and entrepreneurship.


    NEW! Buzzy for Aches and Injuries Our original tourniquet slot Buzzy is being reconfigured based on new research. Sure, it will still work for shots, but new research is demonstrating that high frequency low amplitude vibration is helpful for bone healing, tendon healing, and even healing of diabetic ulcers. Vibration increases blood flow, which may account for this, but anyone who has had an ache knows how good cold and massage feel. (See Lenore praising Buzzy at the AARP Life@50+!) We’ve brought back the popular personal black velcro strap, and include two wings to be frozen for aches and injuries. Leave in place for 10 minutes on elbows, wrists, knees or any place that is sore, and Buzzy’s cold and vibration will relieve the minor aches and pains our bodies seem to accumulate as we age.

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