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    Cheryl Crow has been living with rheumatoid arthritis most of her life and found VibraCool to be  a helpful pain reliever. VibraCool uses mechanical stimulation (m-stim) to activate pain-blocking nerves while treating muscles. She used VibraCool for her wrist & hip. Cheryl had previously iced and applied heat in order to relieve pain in her joints as well as e-stim (electrical stimulation.)

    She started by breaking down what comes with each of the VibraCool units that she tried and how it differs from other devices.

    Her end of use summary was threefold:

    1. It reduces pain. Her hip pain was reduced enough that she could effectively walk and that it noticeably reduced her soreness.

    2. It’s much more portable than similar pain relief devices on the market.

    3. The combination of cold, heat, and vibration all in one was a big value add. Whereas other devices might utilize only one, VibraCool can implement and combine all three.

    Cheryl tried out both the VibraCool flex and the VibraCool Easy Fit, preferring the Flex with its elastic blue band. She did use the Easy Fit for her wrist while typing and said that it relieved some of the pain she typically felt, but was intense. She noted that the M-stim does have a noticeable hum (not silent like creams!). She also applauded the device as a useful tool for use at home, especially during the pandemic when equipment in a doctor’s office may not be as available.

    To read the full article, check it out here.

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