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    Buzzy “Highly Recommended” In National Injection Guidelines

    Non-adherence is a significant problem in medical management. New national guidelines recommend Buzzy Pain Relief.

    ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, May 16, 2018 / — MMJ Labs LLC, industry leader in non-pharmaceutical pain relief, is honored that its Buzzy® needle pain relief device is the NUMBER ONE recommended pain relief measure in new injection guidelines.

    For patients who take injectable medications, from IVF to insulin or biologics for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease, the injection schedule is critical to success. But site reactions, needle fatigue, and injection pain are barriers.

    According to new research, more than 62 percent of patients and 86 percent of physicians reported that patients either skip their injection or consistently fail to inject the drug as prescribed. Until injections are replaced by an alternative delivery system, Buzzy can remove the pain barrier to adherence.

    New National Guidelines published by the New Zealand government feature a list of potential measures to reduce injection pain. Buzzy is first on that list and the only one that is “highly recommended if available.” Buzzy is widely available around the globe through a network of distributors. It is an affordable, reusable, proven solution for pain relief.

    The pain of the Benzthine penicillin injection into the gluteal area can lead to decreased adherence (noncompliance) with rheumatic fever (RF) prevention. The intramuscular injection is especially painful due to the volume and viscosity of the dose. When clinics in New Zealand studied 405 RF patients, those receiving 4 weekly injections were offered Buzzy or lidocaine for pain management. After 5 months, 43% continued to use Buzzy. The authors concluded that offering pain reduction strategies was effective at decreasing pain and increasing adherence.

    We are pleased to share evidence-based guidance demonstrating the efficacy of Buzzy. MMJ Labs’ award-winning Buzzy® device has blocked pain from over 31 million needle procedures. Since 2009, more than 20 research studies have shown that using Buzzy significantly reduces pain associated with various medical procedures, including IV placement, vaccinations, injections, and blood draws.

    About MMJ LABS LLC

    MMJ Labs is a woman-owned and operated business headquartered at their Hive in Atlanta, Georgia. Established in 2006 by Dr. Amy Baxter, an emergency MD and pain researcher, MMJ Labs develops reusable, inexpensive physiologic products for personal pain control. The flagship product Buzzy®, a bee-shaped palm-sized device combining cold and vibration to combat needle pain, is in over 5000 hospitals, labs, and clinics. Additional pain solutions include DistrACTION® cards that reduce procedural pain and VibraCool® Vibrational Cryotherapy for tendinitis, injuries, and musculoskeletal pain.

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