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    Outcomes Rocket Podcast: The Truth About Needle Fear

    Outcomes Rocket Podcast with Dr. Baxter and Saul Marquez


    With the two COVID vaccines already available and one more on the way, vaccination and fear of needles is one of the major points of conversation right now.

    In this episode, we welcome back to Outcomes Rocket one of our favorite guests in the show, Dr. Amy Baxter, Founder and CEO at Pain Care Labs. Dr. Baxter is raising awareness on the fact that how we vaccinate kids causes adults to stay afraid of needles.  She talks about needle fear, needle pain, a little bit of vaccination history, the psychological and actual pain factor, how Buzzy responds to alleviate pain, and how it can help the second dose COVID patients.  Dr. Baxter shares tips on how to make vaccinations easier as well as how to help those who experience needle trauma, so please don’t forget to tune in.


    Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:


    The Truth About Needle Fear with Amy Baxter, Founder & CEO at Pain Care Labs

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