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    Value Analysis Topical Anesthetics – Buzzy for the win!

    Getting buy in to new methods can be difficult – when value collides with complacency or comfort, guess which wins? Fortunately, when a value analysis shows superiority in multiple parameters, change can be easier. For painful procedures in a healthcare setting, options run the gamut from the 20c/use Buzzy to $20.00 per site gadgets or cream systems. The attached value analysis shows the trade-off between speed, cost, efficacy, hassle, and patient perception. Buzzy Hospital Value Analysis Download One great way to institute a new system is to formally study it for a journal, so staff get familiar with a new procedure. Another is to promote a trial with freebies, adding fun to competency.

    Then again, teaching others is a great way to learn. Exhibiting various pain management options during Pain Awareness Month can help get staff comfortable so patients can be too. After all, “you’re up on what you’re up on” – knowledge and familiarity make staff more likely to offer comfort options.

    Finally, the most sophisticated hospitals are comfortable allowing patients choices to decrease pain. This .pdf from NYU offers multiple pain relief choices, NYU PainRelief_5.29.15 as does this Wisconsin Poke Plan. Giving patients choice and empowerment, with value for the system, is the best way to “Do everything you can for pain”.

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